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Curtis Hawk 75 A1 Assembly & First flight

Curtis Hawk 75 A1 Part 1Exterior

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24/11/2010 New in the Starfighter dossier: Lockheed F-104G from the archives of Hubert Van Acker

288 new photographs!

Hubert Van Acker has been photographing aircraft for a long time and the slides I scanned come from his archives These are scanned slides and some are 25 to 30 years old. There were some quality issues due to age and I restored them as well as I could.

Some slides were difficult to colour correct but I added them since these are unique images. I am very grateful that he has allowed me access to his archive on the F-104G.




Welcome model builders and aircraft enthusiasts

There is something that we never can get enough of and that is detail photographs of the aircraft we want to build. In fact most model builders spend more on books than they do on the model kits they want to build.

Yes you know who you are!

Sometimes it is difficult to find the right documentation, or the documentation that you do find does not have the right photographs taken from the right angle or the right detail. That's why it is so good that there are so many sites on the net lately that offer "Walkarounds". These are a series of photographs that offer a lot of photo details on the particular aircraft or vehicle.

What's more, this is an inexpensive way to find perhaps just that detail that you are looking for. The only disadvantage is that resolution of the photographs is sometimes rather low. The reason for this is that this shortens download time and it offers the possibility to get more photographs on the limited server space available for non-profit related sites.

I will be putting more series online in the future, so come and visit this siteregularly. Even if the title of the website is aircraft walkarounds there are some "Walkarounds" from military vehicles also. At the moment you can find two series, one on the Achilles tank destroyer and one on the 8 Inch howitzer.

New Walkaround Dassault Mirage 2000 N

The Dassault Mirage 2000 is the main French fighter in service now and has been exported to a number of countries. You can see them sometimes on the airshow circuit. The Mirage 2000N operated by the French Air Force, is a two-seater air-to-ground attack aircraft with nuclear-weapons capabilities. The Mirage 2000 N walkaround contains front seat cockpit photographs.


New Walkaround Fairey Swordfish MKIII

One of the new walkarounds with large photographs, the Swordfish remains a legend. It remained in service during the war and was successfull but the price was sometimes high. This Swordfish was beautifully restored at Duxford.


Super walkaround: Curtis Hawk 75 New and larger format photographs.

Larger format photographs but also new photographs showing the engine and some new ones showing more detail of the interior. Oh yes since the number of photographs has grown I have divided them into groups to make it easier to search for the photograph you are interested in.

Now that this beautiful fighter has been restored to flying condition you will be able to see it in the air show circuit. If however you want the details to build a model you usually cant get close enough. That's why I got them for you so enjoy this great walkaround.

To make things even more interesting I got permission from Rob Leigh a great aviation photographer, to publish his photographs of the assembly of the Hawk 75 (mating of fuselage and wings in open air!) after arrival at Duxford and those of the first flight.

New! A new book has been published by Lela Presse about the Curtis Hawk 75 in French service. Written by Lionel Persyn this book contains 26 photographs taken by me. Les Curtiss H-75 de l'Armée de l'Air, 448 pages and 748 photographs. You can order the book directly from : Lela Presse

Curtis Hawk 75 A1

Part 1Exterior

80 Photographs

Curtis Hawk 75 A1

Part 2 Cockpit & Interior

37 Photographs

Curtis Hawk 75 A1

Part 3 Engine

40 Photographs

Curtis Hawk 75 A1

Part 4 Undercarridge

32 Photographs

Curtis Hawk 75 A1

Part 5 Underside

29 Photographs


New walkaround: Lockheed U2C

The Lockheed U2 must be the most famous spy plane ever build. There are not allot of photographs to be found on the web so I dug in my archives to bring you this selection. They are of the Duxfort U2C before it was hung of the ceiling of the American Air Museum.

Lockheed U2C Duxford

40 Photographs


New walkaround: Bell P-63A Kingcobra

The Bell P-63A Kingcobra was based on a modified Airacobra and was intended to succeed the P-39 as a fighter and fighter bomber.(for more info see the walkaround page)

For a number of years the Fighter Collection operated a P-63A. Unfortunately on 3 June 2001, at the Biggin Hill airshow, Bell P-63A Kingcobra G-BTWR crashed and was completely destroyed and pilot Guy Bancroft-Wilson was killed.

In my archives I found two sets of photographs of this aircraft, one taken in Duxford (small number of walkaround photographs) and the second set taken during the 1996 airshow at Oostmalle (Belgium). Not all the photographs are really clear but the fact that there are so few detailed photographs of the Kingcobra online made me decide to put them up. Since the aircraft was completely destroyed during the crash these photographs are unique documents. I hope you enjoy them!


Super walkaround: Messerschmitt 163 B Komet Part 3

This is probably one of the biggest most detailed walkarounds on the net. All 142 photographs are unique and show the Cosford Me 163 B Komet in restoration.

Now I present you with some new photographs taken from the Duxford Me 163 B taken during the early nineties.

Me 163 B Part 1

72 photographs

Me 163 B Part 2

70 photographs

Me 163 B Part 3

23 photographs


New walkaround: Bell 412 Griffin HT1

The Griffin HT1 is the English military version of the Bell 412 helicopter build byBell/Textron Inc. In this case it was the colour scheme used by the "Defence Helicopter Flying School" that attracted me to make a walkaround.


New walkaround: AH-64 Apache

The Boeing AH-64A Apache is the US Army's primary attack helicopter. It is a quick-reacting, airborne weapon system that can fight close and deep to destroy, disrupt, or delay enemy forces.

Two walkarounds are availlable, the first one an American AH-64A Apache (22 photographs) and the second one a Netherlands air force AH-64D (43 photographs).


Super walkaround: Bell P-39Q6 Airacobra

The Airacobra is perhaps the least known American fighter of WW2, and there is not a lot of documentation available. This is the largest Superwalkaround I have made to date. Due to the sheer size it is offered in four parts, the first part is a walkaround made by Luc Colin in November of 2004 (16 photographs). The Airacobra was fully assembled or so it seems in those photographs. The walkaround I made myself was taken in April of 2005, this walkaround consists of three parts: Part 1 96 photographs, Part 2 82 photographs and Part 3 88 photographs. Where possible photographs were grouped to give you several views of the same part. Enjoy!



Super walkaround: British Aircraft corporation TSR 2

This is probably the most famous aircraft that never made it beyond the prototype stage due to political reasons. It was one of the most popular aircraft on many a modellers wish list and now Airfix will bring out a kit on 1/72 scale. So there is no better time to bring out a new super walkaround on the TSR 2.


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